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The IEP and PLAAFP for special needs children

Periodically the column addresses questions from readers regarding their special needs children. One reader recently posed a question about IEPs (individual education plan) and going to a new school district. The father wanted to know if schools are required to help teach a child basic hygiene needs such as using a restroom and brushing one’s hair and teeth. Recently, his family had moved. Not unusual for any child, let alone a child with autism, the boy was having difficulty adjusting to a new home, a new school and new surroundings. In his previous school, “Andrew” was able to use the restroom and follow basic requests with some verbal prompting. Andrew was even beginning to speak and use pictures as a form of communication. Now, the boy was having lots of accidents and had become withdrawn. All his gains seemed to be slipping away.

Read more here: The IEP and PLAAFP for autistic and other special needs children | needs, one, children – Education – Brownsville Herald.

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