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A Hero or Just a Parent?

During the discussion here last week about the challenges of parenting a disabled child (β€œIs It Harder to Have a Child with Down Syndrome?”), I heard from Stacie Lewis. An American living in London, Lewis has an 18-month-old daughter named May, who has severe brain damage, caused by lack of oxygen at birth.

Lewis has been blogging about May since the baby was 4 months old, at Mama Lewis and the Amazing Adventures of the Half-Brained Baby. Often her readers leave comments praising her courage and patience β€” the same kind of comments that many (though hardly all) Motherlode readers left on the Down syndrome post.

Those sort of comments tick Lewis off. She is not some kind of hero, she says, just a mother who drew an unexpectedly complicated hand. And, as she writes in a guest post today, sometimes she gets more than cranky about it.

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