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UCC Widening The Welcome Conference Affirms Disabilities Ministries

A groundbreaking conference built on years of ministry focusing on disabilities, mental illnesses and other brain disorders, “Widening the Welcome: Inclusion for All” was presented by the UCC Mental Illness Network and UCC Disabilities Ministries Sept. 23-25 in St. Louis. “People came from Maine to Hawaii,” said the Rev. Alan Johnson, retired UCC pastor and chair of the UCC Mental Illness Network. “It was a strong affirmation of this frontier of ministry in the UCC building on all the hard work that has been done in the past.” More than 230 people participated in the conference held as a lead-in to Access Sunday, Oct. 10 ? which also marked the beginning of Disabilities Awareness Week. (Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) was observed Oct. 3-9.)

Read more here: | UCC Widening The Welcome Conference Affirms Disabilities Ministries.

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