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The joy of raising a child with Down syndrome

AT 1.21am on May 7, 2004, Sofia burst into our world. A few years later, my elder daughter Gabriella asked me: “Was Sofia born with Down syndrome because you had a cracked egg?”

I immediately thought of the tarot card the Ace of Wands in the Mother Peace deck. An egg cracks open and the sun is born. From the centre of the fire a baby leaps with joy, expressing hope for the future. I thought to myself: “Yes, this is how Sofia entered into the world, with love and in strength, the whole family full of hope, looking towards a future with infinite possibilities.”

It was the labour I had always longed for, completely natural with no medical intervention, just a family with its midwives, giving birth in a homely environment. When you are lucky enough for this to occur it is a great blessing and an incredibly empowering experience.

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