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Children’s Mental Health Information Hard to Find

Although most Canadian parents are concerned about their children’s mental health, they cannot find a definitive source of information to learn more about the related issues, according to a survey released just before Mental Health Awareness Week (Oct. 3-9).

The Ipsos Reid online survey, commissioned by the RBC Children’s Mental Heath Project, reveals that 54 percent of parents who have a child showing signs of or diagnosed with a mental illness find it “terrible” to go through the health and social services sector for help and information.

Among those parents, about 40 percent say they are “frustrated” that not one central place exists to obtain all the information on children’s mental health.

“As parents, we’re quick to take action if our child breaks a limb or has a physical illness. We know what to do and where to go for information,” said Jamie Anderson, deputy chair of RBC Capital Markets and executive champion of the RBC Children’s Mental Health Project.

Read more here: Children’s Mental Health Information Hard to Find, Survey Shows | Canada | Epoch Times.

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