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Group looks to offer disabled housing option

Best friends Julia Ricke and Michelle Dunford enjoy being together, whether to eat out, see a movie or shop.

“We grew up together,” says Julia, 27, who like her 26-year-old friend, has Down syndrome.

Together, they hope one day to gain more independence by moving out of their parents’ homes and into a place called BeauVita, which combines the French word “beau” and Latin word “vita” to mean “beautiful life.”

“That’s what we want for our sons and daughters,” says Julia’s father, Mike Ricke of Bridgetown. He and his wife, Barb, both 54, are one of five West Side couples leading the effort to build BeauVita, a supervised residential community with support services for up to 50 people with developmental disabilities.

Read more here: Group looks to offer disabled housing option | | Cincinnati.Com.

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