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Wheelchair Flash Mob Proves Dancing is for Everyone

Amid the lunch and business crowd walking through Tower City Friday, there was another group setting the scene for a big message about diversity.

More than 100 local dancers joined members of the Dancing Wheels Company in a flash mob. The dancers hit the floor, some on two feet and others in wheel chairs, to send the message that people with disabilities are just like everyone else.

The Dancing Wheels Company was founded by Mary Verdi-Fletcher 30 years ago. She was born with a disability and uses a wheelchair, but always wanted to be a dancer.

“It’s a physically integrated dance company which means we integrate people with all abilities. We are professionally trained dancers, we consider ourselves sit down dancers, those in wheelchairs, and stand up dancers,” Verdi-Fletcher explained.

Read more and see the video by clicking here: Flash Mob Proves Dancing is for Everyone, Sends Message Through Movement – WJW.

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