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Trick or Treat Giveaway

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Halloween is a good, fun time for us. Well, for me personally because I love to make the kids’ costumes. A few months out (who am I kidding, we discuss the next costume while we’re checking the candy on Halloween) we talk a lot about the costumes and how we’re going to make it! This year? Jack the Ripper and a Devil if you were wondering.

I’ve been making their costumes for a long time, it’s enjoyable for me, like some form of domestic therapy. I once had a counselor ask me why I take on so much, when I could say no to some things. I told him simply, I wasn’t willing to give up the things I want to do for the things I have to do. To me that means I make crazy priority shifts that make no sense to other people. The kids love their costumes that start off as a shirt from Goodwill, or as a piece of fabric from my closet. It’s fun.

When Carter’s asked us if we wanted to share a costume or two with community members I was all over it, 1) because not everyone enjoys sewing their kid’s costume but they still want them to look cute, right? and 2) because these are really cute!

  • Duck, size 18 months
  • Skeleton (2 piece) size 12 months (which honestly, my baby would be wearing through the New Year if I had a baby and that outfit)!

Just let us know which one you want for your little goblin and we’ll pick two people to be the proud, new owner of the costume you won’t have to make.

(Note from Dawn: My daughter’s birth mom has that skeleton costume for her baby and he wore it all last spring! Cozy and cute!)

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