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Tribeca Film Festival Winner: Monica and David

Tribeca’s jurors surprised a trio of family members with the Best Documentary Feature award for their film Monica and David. It’s no wonder. Everyone in it and everything about this documentary shouts “winner.” Despite the touchy subject matter – two people with Downs syndrome who fall in love and marry – audiences see and hear how love is carried out between people whose innocence and capacity for love keep relationships going. It’s extremely rare for intellectually disadvantaged people to marry. But with prodigious support from their parents, this couple proves it can succeed. They’ve been married for five years now and live with Monica’s parents. Also successful are the medical and social advances that allow people with Downs syndrome a life expectancy of 60 years. (In 1983, this number was 25.)

Read more here: Linda Hassler: Tribeca Film Festival Winner: Monica and David.

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