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Teen dancer with Down syndrome has big dreams

When Thalia Yvanna Arbelaez Garcia was born, doctors told her parents that she likely would live just six months. And if she lived longer, she certainly would never walk. Now, 18 years later, few live a fuller life than Thalia.

Thalia is a dance student at the Patel Conservatory and is being recognized internationally for her dancing and modeling accomplishments. Next month, Thalia will dance in Argentina and model in Denver. She has big dreams of performing and her parents have worked hard not to let her Down syndrome get in the way.

“I dance,” Thalia said, “I feel so happy when I dance.”

When Thalia was born, her mother was told she may never walk, but at the age of 2, she started dancing. Now, dancing has become a major part of her life. For her, dancing makes her feel alive and every time she puts effort into doing it, said her mom, Alicia, it’s like a shining example for those around her.

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