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'I'm different' an ArtPrize exhibit dedicated to special needs children

For the sake of every special-needs kid who wants you to know he or she is a kid first and special-needs second, I am just going to ask you to print out the next paragraph and take it with you to ArtPrize:

Enter the Trade Center Building at 50 Louis Street NW from the northwest door. Follow the signs reading “Open Concept Gallery” to a freight elevator, and ride it to the sixth floor, taking care not to pinch your fingers in the double doors. Exit and walk east into what looks like a former ballroom. You’re there.

Against the south wall there, you will find a row of six wheelchairs with six shadow boxes resting on them, an ArtPrize entry that its creator says has nothing to do with winning, unless you count the heads she is trying to gather and have fathom the sacred space that is a part of every child — special-needs or not.

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