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Kitchener therapist finds healing in books

From the beginning of her career as a child therapist, Lynne Steffy noticed there were few tools available for therapists or caregivers helping a child through traumatic issues such as abandonment, bullying or grief.

“These issues are hard enough for adults to deal with; a lot of parents don’t have a clue what to say,” she said. “Many people working with, and parenting children have expressed to me that there are a lack of tools out there to help kids with the most difficult issues that they face.”

Being the proactive sort, Steffy embarked on a remarkable journey to create her own series of colourful, kid-friendly books in a series she calls Felt Feelings, each book dealing with a particular issue. Her target is children with complex behavioural and emotional problems and the books are designed to be read by an adult to a child.

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