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Divorce and Special Needs Children

Partner Judith Poller, Co-Chair of Pryor Cashman’s Family Law Group, has written an article entitled Divorce and the “Special-Needs” Child which was published on September 1, 2010 by Law Journal Newsletters.

As noted by Poller in her article, the stress of raising a child with special needs increases the divorce rate for that family considerably. The myriad issues and considerations that must be addressed for the family with the special-needs child during the divorce process are numerous and complex. There has been little published on this topic, and divorce professionals are often at a loss as to how to manage divorce cases accurately and effectively where there is a special-needs child.

Poller’s article explores some of the issues of a divorcing family with a special-needs child so that appropriate custodial arrangements and financial resolutions can be fully and appropriately addressed in the divorce process.

Download the full article here: Divorce and the Special Needs Child | Pryor Cashman LLP – JDSupra.

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