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Children With Autism Improve Key Thinking Skills Over Time

Children with autism think differently, and that thinking changes over timeā€”for the better. That first statement might not seem like news: Of course their brains are different, they have autism! But children with autism do improve their thinking skills over time, according to new research. That’s encouraging, particularly because most research has focused on whether communication skills and behavior can change, rather than on cognitive skills.

Thinking problems typical of autism include difficulties predicting other people’s behavior based on their thoughts and feelings (known as theory of mind), and in problem-solving and planning (executive function). Children with autism also are often better than children without autism at focusing on tiny details, like a pattern in a carpet, or small parts of Legos. Previous research hasn’t found much change in these cognitive skills, even though children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) can show big improvements in behavior, especially with intensive behavioral therapies.

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