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MPPs' report on mental health fails to consider children, youth, experts say

A report calling on Ontario to overhaul its mental-health and addictions programs is a promising step, but doesn’t go far enough in addressing the needs of children and urgent-care patients, observers say.

And at a time when the McGuinty government is attempting to rein in health-care costs, experts worry that without sufficient funding and political will, the report will fail to bring meaningful change.

“When you look at the sector, it’s already underfunded with respect to other medical services,” such as cancer and cardiac care, said Dr. Rajiv Bhatla, chief psychiatrist at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group.

“My worry, especially when you look at the constraints within the health-care sector, is that mental health and addictions will be sacrificed prior to other services.”

Read more here: MPPs’ report on mental health fails to consider children, youth, experts say.

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