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Call For Submissions for Special Needs Literary Magazine

Pentimento is a quarterly publication written for and by individuals with disabilities and their caregivers. The word Pentimento refers to an underlying image in a painting, as an earlier painting or original draft that usually shows through when the top layer of paint becomes transparent with age. Therefore, the word itself implies seeing beyond the surface. That is the mission of this magazine: To challenge its readers to see beyond disabilities thus experiencing the way in which we are all connected.

What makes Pentimento the first of its kind is that it is a magazine for and by the disabled population that is purely literary in nature. Each issue will be filled with well-written personal narratives that avoid medical jargon, research, or advice.

Creative non-fiction essay submissions should be polished with strong imagery, affect, and good narrative arc. Creative non-fiction essays receive payment upon publication as does accepted art work for the cover. Poetry is also desired.

In addition, we are seeking unpaid submissions to The Reader’s Pen and “Uncut.” The Reader’s Pen topic is “Taking a Chance” due by November 1st for the January 2011 issue. “Hope” is the next Reader’s Pen Topic due by February 1st for the April 2011 issue.

To learn more about Pentimento Magazine and see detailed guidelines on the submission process, please visit

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