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New Technology Brings Early Autism Diagnosis

Brian Willingham-McLain, an Oakland resident, is 12-years-old and enjoys Disney movies, swimming, and doing flips on his trampoline; all activities one would expect from a normal boy of his age. However, Brian’s life is far from, what people classify as, “normal.” When he was four years old, Brian was diagnosed with Autism and every day has become a challenge for him and his family.

Autism is one of three pervasive development disorders (PDD’s) that make up the Autism spectrum. Causing highly impaired social skills and delays in standard language, it is a neurological disorder that affects the behavior of nearly one in every hundred Americans. Due to its mysterious nature and unknown cause, diagnosis can usually not be determined until the afflicted child passes the age of five or six.

Read more here: The Globe – New Technology Brings Early Autism Diagnosis.

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