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Social Security's Disabled Adult Child Program

Imagine that you are a middle-aged gas station manager with a worrisome health problem and a disabled child. Have you ever wondered how you would provide for that child in the event of your own death or disability? Now fast forward the tape. Have you ever been to the supermarket and spotted a balding man with Down syndrome pushing a shopping cart for his elderly mother? Have you ever wondered how he pays his medical bills or his rent?

In truth, no single – or entirely comfortable – answer exists to these questions. Intellectual disability is often accompanied by costly illnesses and social service needs. Even if someone spends his entire life in the house he grew up in, his family may eventually need public help to make ends meet. For many families, a little-known aspect of Social Security, awkwardly labeled the Disabled Adult Child program, makes a huge difference.

Read more here: Social Security’s Disabled Adult Child Program: A Key Program Often Below The Radar – Kaiser Health News.

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