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ADHD Overdiagnosed? September is ADHD Awareness Month

September is ADHD awareness month. Recently there have been many debates over the validity of diagnosis and contributing factors.

In the latest information available in Missouri, nearly 8 percent of children between ages 4-17 were diagnosed with ADHD. This rate matches the national average. To put this number in perspective, it would be equal to 181 children in Linn County being diagnosed with ADHD. Broken down by gender, boys are about 3 times more likely than girls to have ADHD. Doctors and educators are doing everything they can to shed more light on this condition. “

We have many things to look for in helping with potential ADHD students,” observes Gary Routledge, Director of The Linn County Health Department.

“The first person to get involved would be the teacher, who would have a conversation with the nurse and counselor, who in turn would meet with parents and help recommend a course of action involving a pediatrician.”

Many symptoms are similar to medical and psychological conditions related to other disorders such as bi-polarism. Students will often have trouble staying focused and completing work. Their grades may drop and behavioral problems arise. Since these incidents are truly behavioral and not actually connected to a true disease with medical symptoms they are very tough to diagnose accurately.

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