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Walking to Stop Apraxia of Speech

Walking for a good cause. Parents and children were at Riverside Park today doing just that and hoping to raise more awareness for children in the community who are living with communication disorders.

They can run and play just like any other child. The only difference is children with speech impairments like Apraxia have a little more trouble getting their words out.

Much like Willisha Rudd’s daughter Shayla.

“This is my first time participating in the walk and….were here to support Apraxia because she has some forms of it so anything we can do to help out the community to bring awareness to help other parents and help the community to know what’s going on,” Willisha Rudd said.

The walk alone raised $6,000 dollars to donate to CASANA or the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America.

Read more here: Walking to Stop Apraxia of Speech.

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