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The Kindergarten Crop

This school year I have a son who is entering kindergarten. And like most parents, dropping him off that first day at the classroom was exciting, but I was also apprehensive and full of questions. “Will he get along with his classmates?” “How will he handle the increased structure?” “Will the paste taste as good as I remember?”

Of course, parents are supposed to be nervous about sending their kids off on their own to kindergarten. After all, this is when, often for the first time, they’ll have to face real academic expectations and pressure to get along with a whole new set of classmates, not to mention the omnipresent threat of cooties.

And while nearly all parents are convinced that their child is special, unique, exceptional, and a near shoo-in for the Ivy League, Olympic gold medals, multiple Nobel Prizes, etc., my wife and I have particular reason for believing that our son is unusual. That’s because he’s the only child in his kindergarten class with Down syndrome.

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