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Autistic artist Alex Masket mounts a show at Ramapo College

It’s as if the stark white walls of the Kresge Gallery at Ramapo College are being attacked by color from the bottom up. The art is spread across the floor and stacked four and five canvases deep against the walls. Walk into the room and colors, letters and numbers seem to jump to greet you. There is a sense of movement, the slightly unsettling feeling that the pieces are about to crawl up and cover the walls.

Sydney Jenkins, director of art galleries at Ramapo, describes it as a “riot of color.” As he prepares to install the exhibit, Jenkins searches for a way to organize the pieces so as not to overwhelm gallery visitors, as well as for the perfect spot for his personal favorite — a striking, 8-by-12, black-and-white piece made especially for the exhibition.

Alex Masket, the 23-year-old artist, never made anything that big before. He spent most of his life in a Westfield home that put size limitations on his creations. Recently, though, his family moved to Westchester County, and space is no longer an issue.

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