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For this disabled job seeker, it’s all about networking

As an open source Web developer, David Clark is in demand — he gets at least five calls a week from recruiters.

Despite that fact — and his 15 years of experience — Clark has been looking for a permanent job for more than a year since his last position ended when the organization closed because of lack of funding. Although he has no definitive evidence, Clark, who has been doing independent contract work, believes his job search may be hindered by his disability; he has cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that can affect speech and movement. He is one of the about 54 million Americans with disabilities, and he feels that he frequently encounters unspoken barriers, such as an employer’s perception of the costs and difficulty of accommodating people with disabilities.

Read more here: For this disabled job seeker, it’s all about networking – The Boston Globe.

(Useful tips for adult children needing support on the job hunt)

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