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Yankees bring special needs children to stadium

His oxygen tank behind him, 16-year-old Daniel Fratto settled into his seat high above home plate, slipped on the headphones and calmly spoke into the microphone.

“Now batting for the Yankees, No. 2, shortstop Derek Jeter, No. 2.”

And with that, Fratto became one of the few people to announce Jeter at Yankee Stadium.

Fratto came to the ballpark Thursday as part of Hope Week, a five-day charity event organized by the team that celebrates those who help others. The high school junior is part of Beautiful People, a group that enables special needs children to play sports.

Fratto has immune deficiency syndrome and travels with his portable 10-pound tank. Though he cannot be physically active, he does his part: Fratto announces the games.

The matchup between the Yankees and Detroit Tigers gave him the chance to take his talent professionally, if only for half an inning.

Fratto was unshakable. Asked if he was nervous about announcing in front of 48,000 people, he said no.

“If I mess up, I mess up,” he said. “What’re you going to do? The difference is that I mess up at Yankee Stadium, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

Fratto did just fine.

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