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Program shows kids with disabilities a sea of opportunities

The children were sailing, but the benefit of the program extended far beyond the ability to maneuver a boat through a stretch of the Taunton River. The real benefit, quadriplegic Paul Callahan said, was in learning something the children, who had varying disabilities, never thought they could do.

“That’s what I love to see,” Callahan, a United States paralympian who leads Sail to Prevail, said of the change in attitude he sees in children after sailing.

Sail to Prevail was brought for the first time to Fall River on Thursday, with about a dozen youngsters with a range of disabilities participating. The program was organized with the office of District Attorney Sam Sutter and a sponsorship from the CVS/Caremark Charitable Trust.

via Program shows kids with disabilities a sea of opportunities – Fall River, MA – The Herald News.

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