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Children's group working to lessen mental health stigma

For many, the words “mental health treatment” are embarrassing, but one Cupertino nonprofit is working to lessen that stigma and reach out to local youth in need of help.

Over the past three years, the Bay Area Children’s Association has worked to reach youth early before problems manifest in their adult years. Director Thomas Tarshis estimates that one in five children could use mental health treatment. The aim of the organization is to reach out to patients who would not otherwise have the ability, money or inclination to seek treatment.

“If you look at the risk/benefit ratios, the harm of having treatment done is really nothing vs. the risk of not doing something when you think there is something going on with a child,” Tarshis said. “We want to de-stigmatize the notion of mental health treatment. We want parents to be aware of what’s going on with their kids. Having mental health treatment shouldn’t be something that is hidden or shunned.”

via Children’s group working to lessen mental health stigma – San Jose Mercury News.

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