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As People With Down Syndrome Live Longer, Pru Boosts Long-Term Planning

New Jersey-based insurer Prudential — which has significant operations in Hartford — has inked an agreement with the National Down Syndrome Society to offer a new financial literacy program and related services to help create financial plans for the group’s clients.

Pru said it has trained over 140 insurance professionals to work specifically with financial planning issues for families with Down Syndrome as well as other special needs.

Although it’s not a new program within the insurer, it represents a partnership that calls attention to a growing need that affects life insurance buyers: Serving families with special needs.

Medical and other scientific advances have dramatically increased the life span of Down Syndrome patients over the last generation. In 1983, for instance, the average age of a person living with Down Syndrome was 26, said Sarah Schleider, spokeswoman for the National Down Syndrome Society.

Today that average age risen to 60.

via As People With Down Syndrome Live Longer, Pru Boosts Long-Term Planning – Connecticut Insurance.

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