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Problems getting off the ground

Thanks to site member Suzanne Kamata for bringing our attention to this article!

In this age of perpetual “War on Terror,” we have gotten somewhat accustomed to “disrobing” ourselves at airports. Taking off our watches, necklaces, belts or sometimes even shoes, has become routine when we go through security gates.

But how would you feel if you were taken aside and questioned or even denied entry into an aircraft, on grounds that your leg or lungs could pose a security threat?

This is what it feels like to some disabled travelers who regard wheelchairs as their legs and ventilators as their lungs. While no hard numbers exist, anecdotal evidence abounds on the many inconveniences wheelchair-using passengers have had to encounter when flying. The lack of specific regulations and insufficient technical knowledge among airline staff only contribute to the problem.

via Problems getting off the ground | The Japan Times Online.

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