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Remembering That Our Daughter Has Down Syndrome

Sometimes I forget about Penny’s extra chromosome. A lot of the time, actually. When we’re with my family. When she’s being William’s bossy older sister. When she and I are cuddling on the bed and she asks me to tell her stories.

But then it comes up. Take yesterday, when we were at the beach with a bunch of other kids and Penny just couldn’t quite keep up. She tried her best for a while–running, jumping, making “sand angels”–but she ended up by my side, with another little girl’s flip flops on her feet (she’s obsessed with other people’s flip flops at the moment). I noticed that extra chromosome again, in that same outing, when two people walked into our view. She noticed the woman in the wheelchair instead of the little boy with the popsicle. The other kids around us only had eyes for the orange sweetness that dribbled down his chin.

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