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Brush Your Teeth

School start for your kids yet?

Here in the South we like to go back to school well before Labor Day weekend, so we find ourselves entering the 2nd week of school already. With school we are also getting back on routine (wow, do our kids need it, and especially our son) and that includes regular hygiene and us not relying on an evening pool visit that counts for a shower. You know the drill. Up early and back to breakfast and making lunches and getting teeth brushed before lunch.

Firefly ToothbrushesIn comes the FireFly (Light-up) toothbrush. It lights up for one minute – the time recommended for brushing – and  they’re comfortable for the kids to hold (they come in fun colors, too). The fine people at Dr. Fresh asked if I wanted to give any away and review them. Imagine my surprise when I learned that we already had two, but one was thrown out during my son’s last bout of strep. I didn’t know the name but as soon as I opened the UPS package I realized I already loved them. They’re a good value…although I don’t remember what I paid.

My son was happy to get his replaced (yellow one, if you must know!) and the kids were happy to pose for me this morning while brushing. The light does help them because A) they have no sense of time B) they are kind of fun to watch in the mirror. Also? We play to see which kid can brush until the light stops. Anything that encourages my boy to brush, right?

Dr. Fresh (well, his people) wanted you to know that they have “premium, soft Dupont bristles that won’t scratch or irritate young gums, and features an ergonomic design that is perfect for a child’s small hands and mouth.   Each FireFly toothbrush is carefully crafted to last three months.” We originally bought ours in a big drug store chain, so I’m guessing they are everywhere. Here, they are a buck! Two for $1.50 (incidentally, we bought them when we were replacing toothbrushes because of another bout of strep!)

Here’s the deal…I have 9 to giveaway to Support for Special Needs community members so if you really want one to try out, leave a comment. We’ll pull from our activity stream and from comments to pick our FireFly toothbrush kids!

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