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Moms-turned-activists expose Santa Barbara’s troubled special education program

Marcia Eichelberger isn’t spending most of her waking hours trying to ensure that her 17-year-old son, Jerrod, gets killer SAT scores and an elite university education.

The best hope that she and husband, Derrick, a Santa Barbara landscape architect, have, is that Jerrod will ultimately learn to partially take care of himself.

Jerrod suffers from autism. Sometimes the Eichelbergers are so worried about what will happen to Jerrod after they are no longer around to care for him, they don’t sleep at night.

It is that fear, as well as regular and healthy doses of anger, that motivated Marcia and a handful of other parents to embark on a remarkable grass-roots crusade to improve the shockingly dismal quality of the special education classes offered through the Santa Barbara School Districts.

via Daily Sound — Special Needs, Heroic Deeds: Moms-turned-activists expose Santa Barbara’s troubled special education program and fight for reform, justice.

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