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Finally, help for autistic kids

The lives of thousands of Colorado’s autistic children and their parents just got a little easier — and it’s about time. On July 1, Colorado became the 12th state in the nation to reform insurance coverage for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It is now state law that private group health insurance providers cover a range of treatments — including speech and physical therapy — for patients with ASD.

The law, known as HIMAT (Health Insurance Mandated Autism Treatment), prescribes applied behavioral analysis (ABA) as the legally mandated treatment approach.

ABA aims to teach socially acceptable behaviors, such as appropriate eye contact, to give autistic kids a better shot at developing into higher-functioning adults. These pragmatic therapies must be delivered by certified specialists, and parents can now appeal to the Division of Insurance if a company denies treatment.

via Finally, help for autistic kids – The Denver Post.

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