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10 Blogs for special needs parents

Recently, I spoke to the mother of an adult child with Down syndrome. Even though this woman is old enough to be my own mother, we bonded over our shared experience of raising a child with special needs. I mentioned that I blog about my son, and she said, “I wish that had been around when my daughter was young. It would have helped me a lot.”

Blogging is probably the best thing I do for myself. Through my blog, I’ve made connections with other parents, found answers to tough questions, and gained the support I can’t always find in real life. The second best thing I do for myself is reading blogs written by other parents of kids with special needs. And because I’m a giver — it’s just my nature — I’m sharing some of my favorites with you.

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We are SO HONORED to be included with some of our very favorite bloggers and special needs communities! We were so excited when we clicked through from a tweet by LoveThatMax and discovered that we were included on this list. Thank you Abby Perets and thank you!

We encourage you check out the other nine sites listed there. You will NOT be disappointed!

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