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Take Me Away In Style Giveaway

This is our special needs giveaway this week! We’re bringing back Cinda B! Because they are awesome over at Cinda B and well, because the bags are popular! It’s the Weekender in Ravinia Ivory and in fact, this one is “Vintage” and this size isn’t available anymore…so I guess it’s now considered a limited addition!

Where have the bags accompanied me? Well, vacations of course. To work. And of course to the hospital. I find this Weekender size works plenty for a 4 day hospital stay because, as you know, you don’t get out much while your kid is on the inside. I love that they are basically water proof, except she has to say water resistant (sewing holes).  But to this momma? Water proof. They wash up easy too – throw them in the washer inside out. You know how I know that? Because pink sticky-flavored meds have spilled plenty of times, along with a diet coke or four and maybe a mashed up muffin, too.

We got to thinking that someone might be going to BlogHer and would love to carry some stuff in it to get there or pack it and use it to bring back all the swag I hear one can pick up. I’m going to BlogHer and I might just be bringing my Weekender or my Vacationer (I have both, I know! I’m lucky!) with me cause they are awesome bags. I hope if you are going to BlogHer you’ll let me know so I can hook up with you. 

Take a look at the Cinda B site because they have some awesome bags. I’m the recent new owner of the flat iron/curing iron case, which I love. This is the next Cinda B I want to own, because it looks like I could fit an entire week of stuff, including but not limited to a few stuffed animals.

Want a chance to win this bag? All you need to do is be a registered member and leave a comment. Just tell us you like it and if you have some time go click over to my friend (seriously, my famous friend) Cinda’s website and take a look. I bet there is something you’ll love there and if you don’t buy it for yourself, just send the link to someone who wants to buy you a gift! You’ll love any piece you get from Cinda B’s collections, I am certain! Tell them we sent you!

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