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Making physical education fun for children with autism

Betty always had lots of energy for the children in Room 103. She was the adapted physical education teacher for the special education program there. Betty came every Tuesday and Thursday, rarely missing even a day with these children. At the beginning of the year, she saw that the class had a couple of new students.

Betty noticed that one of the new students seemed to have a lot of gross motor skill issues. The boy’s coordination was off and he really didn’t seem to understand directions. Betty asked, “Is this one of the new children you spoke about?” The teacher answered, “Yes, he is. This is Austin. He’s just beginning first grade. Austin doesn’t follow directions well yet. In fact, the boy isn’t really up to what most first graders can do physically during gym class either. I was thinking of asking for a meeting to see if he might qualify for your services. Let me know what you think.”

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