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Sharp rise in number of special needs pupils

Note: This article is from a UK paper.

Sarah Teather, the new Children’s Minister, last week ordered a Green Paper on youngsters with Special Educational Needs (SEN), amid concerns that the diagnosis may be being overused to explain simple bad behaviour – or even in order to get more money for schools.

It has now emerged that the number of children aged between two and four who were assessed as having special needs by nurseries has risen by 19 per cent in two years to 31,350.

Another 8,280 were diagnosed as needing a legal “statement” setting out the support they are entitled to, a rise of eight per cent since 2008.

The Green Paper ordered by Miss Teather into special educational needs and the lives of disabled children will be published in the autumn.

read more at Sharp rise in number of special needs pupils – Telegraph.

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