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Outrage over pupil special needs remarks

SHE made her name in PR – but Prue MacSween started a row by suggesting high needs pupils should be separated from mainstream classmates.

Families with disabled or special needs children, furious about her remarks on Seven’s Weekend Sunrise show, have demanded apologies from Ms MacSween and Seven.

A Facebook campaign which was launched by Livian Jones, mother of a six-year-old autistic boy, from Pendle Hill in Sydney’s west, already has more than 2400 signatures.

Ms MacSween, who spent two years in a wheelchair as a child, yesterday apologised but stood by her comments which related to an overburdened teacher with 31 special needs pupils in her class.

“Special needs kids should not be in a class with kids who don’t have special needs, for a start. We need to throw more money at the education system and make sure these kids are properly administered … they almost need one-on-one help,” she said on TV.

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