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Help children with special needs by saving your corks

I’ll be the first to admit that my favorite kind of charitable giving is the sort that doesn’t hurt too much. Don’t get me wrong — I think self-sacrifice is good for the soul and that rolling up your sleeves and pitching in can be highly satisfying. But sometimes, when surrounded by so much need, it’s nice to be able to do something noble without the heavy lifting.

Take the Save the Corks campaign. Please.

Launched in January, the charitable campaign asks only that you bring your used corks to any ABC Fine Wine & Spirits store, which in turn gives the corks to Normacorc and TerraCycle for recycling into such products as corkboard. And for every cork turned in to ABC, two cents is donated to charities chosen by the retailer — including UCP of Central Florida, which provides therapy and other services to children with disabilities.

via Help children with special needs by saving your corks – Change the World – Orlando Sentinel.

I’ve never heard of recycling corks! Might this be the next fundraiser for your favorite local charity?

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