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Disabilities are no hurdle to exercise

Marcus Johnson faces more challenges being active than most people. He is in a wheelchair, the result of cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability that limit his movement and make it harder for him to participate in traditional exercise programs.

But watching him compete in a game of Wii boxing at the Easter Seals adult day program in New Castle, it’s easy to see his excitement as he swats the controller while trying to defeat his opponent on the screen. His attention is engaged and his upper body is in motion as he lands the knockout punch, earning him congratulations from the crowd gathered around him.

While video games may not be considered vigorous activity for most people, it is an important way for Johnson and other people in the Easter Seals program, which serves adults with developmental disabilities, to avoid the trap of being inactive.

via Disabilities are no hurdle to exercise | | The News Journal.

Wish we’d read this last week during “Get Active” week! Do you use a wii to help your kids get the exercise they need?

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