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Fantasy Blocks for Fingers Giveaway

This week? We’re talking about fun. All too often among in my special needs life I get caught up in what we are or aren’t doing right to get our kids to move ahead of where they are (in everything) and we don’t focus enough on the fun things in our life.

Like playing. We’re going to play this week and talk about some fun things related to raising kids with special needs. These Fantasy Blocks from Haba generously donated by Boombini Toys for a registered member of our site is just one way we’re spreading the fun.

When I first reached out to Cintia, owner of Boombini Toys, she asked me what would I like to giveaway. Are you kidding me? There are about 10 things I found in 4 minutes.  Like this. And well, this, too. Because it all looks like so much fun and in my special needs momma head, therapy related as well. It’s a gift I think that many special needs parents have; the ability to see what toys can be used sneakily as therapy tools.

Check out their site and see what you’d like…because between now and August 30, 2010 you can get 10% off orders $25 or more using the code TAKE10.

Who wouldn’t love these Fantasy Blocks from Haba though? From the time my kids were in therapy to something like age 5 or 6 we were actively working on occupational therapy at home with blocks. Some of our best fun times where seeing what way we could use “our” hands to build something fantastic with blocks. “It’s all in the fingers!” I used to say as they built their little mini cities. Little by little their skills got better. I wish we’d had these oh so many years ago.

We’ll be picking a a winner from our registered users, so register (why aren’t you, anyway?) and leave a comment! But in the meantime visit Boombini Toys! Because they are awesome!

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