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Roll Your Booty Giveaway

Safety Grip Scooter BoardMy sister, a phys ed teacher, often gives the gifts that keep my kids moving and so when two blue wheeled handle thingies showed up on our front porch as gifts my first thought was great, “Something someone can break a leg on.” Honestly, that’s what I thought. Happy to say my kids haven’t gotten hurt on these (we do have rule they can’t stand on them, but the second they realized how unstable they are with standing, they opted to sit!). But make up your own safety rules and games!

This is our Roll Your Booty Giveaway to kick off our Get Your Kid Active Week. Don’t we all need ideas? I do. I know I’m halfway through summer and looking for new ideas for play (that double as therapy). Stick around this week…and see what other ideas we have for our Get Your Kid Active Week!

The Therapy Shoppe is wonderful…as you know. And this week is no exception! They are providing us the Safety Grip Scooter Board, X 2! I couldn’t see just giving away one because my kids have only always had TWO…here’s some of the fun stuff they do!

  1. Tie them together and one pulls or uses their feet to scoot each other around the house.
  2. Before my daughter could walk she used to push her stuffed animals around on it while she crawled (un) efficiently (bless her heart).
  3. The tie empty boxes from recycling on them to see how high they can build them, then test durability by pulling around on ropes (we also use large bungee rope from the hardware store).
  4. Parades with stuffed animals on them.
  5. Spinning around on them using their feet. We count how many spins before they fall off.
  6. I’ve delivered snacks to them on them during indoor picnics.

We’ve had them for years and still use them. Tell us if you really want them for your kid/s! We’re going to be choosing a registered member to give them to, but it wouldn’t hurt if you tell us you want them in the comments section!

Be sure to visit the Therapy Shoppe. Browse their completely organized gross motor section for other ideas for items for our Get Your Kid Active Week!

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