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Books Teach Gradeschoolers About Special Needs | ChildRC Blog

A new educational book series aims to teach schoolchildren about special needs.

Philadelphia-based publisher Mason Crest targets readers in grades three through five in the “Kids with Special Needs” series, offering titles about physical disabilities, brain injuries, blindness and more. The company previously created a similar series on disabilities, called Youth with Special Needs, for older students in 2004.

The stories are fiction and use the point of view of the special needs child, but are interspersed with facts about the condition. The series is overseen by Dr. Carolyn Bridgemohan, board certified in developmental behavioral pediatrics and practices at the Developmental Medicine Center at Children’s Hospital in Boston, director of the Autism Care Program and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. She says the books focus on bringing light to these conditions and helping able-bodied children relate. Louis Cohen, principal at Mason Crest Publishers, says the series should encourage discussion of special needs

via Books Teach Gradeschoolers About Special Needs | ChildRC Blog.

A wonderful resource for parents who want to start a dialogue on kids with special needs with their typical children.

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