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Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Action Needed

Judy Terranova is a 20 year old from Boston who just finished her freshman year at Salem State College. She began Salem State College under the impression that she had recieved a John and Abigail Adams Scholarship which would cover her tuition at any four year state college or university.

The Adams scholarship is awarded annually to Massachusetts high school graduates who score “Advanced” in in one area of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exam and at least “proficient” in the other as well as scoring in the top twenty-five percent of their school district on the exam. Judy's test scores were stellar and she was well over the twenty-five percent mark on her scores.

However, Judy happens to fall on the autism spectrum and took an extra semester to graduate from high school (the prestigious Boston Arts Academy, a Boston Public Schools pilot school where she majored in Theatre). While no one is questioning that Judy has disabilities (for which she was on an individualized education plan and continues to receive services through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission), the Massachusetts Office of Financial Assistance, who administrated the scholarship for the Massachusetts Department of Education insist that Judy did not meet the requirement of enrolling in the first traditional semester following graduation.

via Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Action Needed.

Action needed if you live in Massachusetts

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