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» Preparing a Child with Special Needs for a Visit to the Dentist

Taking kids to the dentist can be difficult even under the best circumstances, but children with special needs can present even greater challenges when it comes to a trip to the dentist.

What to Expect

One of the many challenges parents of children with special needs may face when it comes to visiting the dentist is preparing for the transition. Many children with special needs struggle with a change in routine and will resist leaving for an appointment unless the plans are thoroughly discussed in advance. One way to help a child get used to the idea of visiting the dentist is to create a picture schedule that shows where they are going and when. A step-by-step guide can help children visualize what’s coming next and soothe anxieties.

Similarly, creating a social story about a trip to the dentist, including where you are going and when, who your child will meet there and what will happen during the appointment, can also help your child understand that a trip to the dentist is nothing to fear.

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Such a helpful article for those approaching age 3 and undertaking the dentist for the first time with their kids with special needs. Well, actually, helpful for us all!

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