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Actors' disabilities don't detract from their stage presence

Stephen Snow may not yet be a household name, but he is a pioneer in the world of theatre. He has proven over the years that people afflicted with an array of developmental and physical disabilities can still exhibit astonishing performing abilities.

He will make his point again tonight and tomorrow at the F.C. Smith Auditorium with the staging of The Frog and the Princess: A Musical Ecodrama.

The cast comprises 22 actors whose disabilities range from autism to visual impairment.

Snow, a Concordia University professor-cum-director, teaches creative art therapies and is co-founder of the Centre for the Arts in Human Development at Concordia. The Frog & the Princess is the ninth play to be staged by the centre since its creation 14 years ago.

via Actors’ disabilities don’t detract from their stage presence.

Another story about an acting troupe although this one has a different focus. Like the last piece’s assumptions, the headline here assumes that a disability is something to NOT notice. What do you think?

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