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Op Ed: NY Health Insurance Bill Murky?

From the Age of Autism blog comes this op-ed:

We understand that A1037a/S70000b, the Autism Speaks endorsed insurance bill for autism, is likely to pass in New York. It's verbiage requires that any approved therapies must be “evidence-based, clinically-proven, and peer-reviewed,”  a standard used in no other state and for no other health disorder under New York law. That sounds a lot like ABA and pharmaceutical drugs, and drugs are already covered for most of our kids. Does this mean GI testing and treatment is excluded? What about immune-related testing and treatment? What about occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy?

Click over to Ask Why Autism Speaks’ NY Health Insurance Bill Is So Murky In Terms of Care to read the whole thing in and weigh in with your opinion.

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