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Students With Autism Learn How To Succeed

People with autism often have a hard time finding and keeping jobs, so more schools are creating programs to help students with autism get prepared for the workplace. One of those programs helped change the life of Kevin Sargeant.

Kevin, now 18, says his autism left him unable to handle the social interactions at school.

“I’d always have my head in my jacket and my hood up, and I wouldn’t want to talk to anybody just because I didn't know what they were going to do,” he says. “I’d always play with my Legos and, you know, I was rude all the time, and I had fits of anger and stuff like that — just because I didn’t understand people.”

Six years later, Kevin is a lot more social. He’s a good student. And he's working — as an intern in the IT department at the Parks & People Foundation. Kevin says computers are a good fit for him.

via Students With Autism Learn How To Succeed At Work : NPR. Read or listen to the whole story at their site.

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