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Sign to me, baby! Giveaway

Clapping KidsThere was a lot of talk about speech delays last week and so we wanted to focus on a giveaway for parents who want to start working with their kiddos on signing. The Special Needs Store offered up a DVD, Signing Time, Series 1, Volume 1, My First Signs.

We did simple signs with our kids when there were babies because their delays were global. The word “global” sure means that exactly. For our son, who started speech therapy when he was 18 months, signing was a way to ease frustration. Within a few weeks he had a few signs with the most important being “more.”

He used “more” for nearly everything in his life. Food, play, even for one of us carrying him around because he always wanted MORE, instead less (he never really took to the sign “less”). We used signing with our girl too, but she did find her words sooner than our boy. The word eat, more and momma where her favorites!

Here’s the information on the Signing Times, Vol. 1 DVD. If I had a little one, I would go for this giveaway because we were making our sign language up as we went along!

Go and check out the other items at Kelly store! Thanks Kelly, love your store. Visit The Special Needs Store!

If you’d like a chance to get your (signing) hands on this, just leave a comment by Saturday, June 19th at 5pm PST! You can even just say “I want it!” and we’ll pick a winner.

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