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The little ballerinas come out in waves, looking resplendent in their pink and white leotards and tutus — which have been variously accessorized to look angelic, Hawaiian, jazzy and feathery, in keeping with the musical themes.

Their adult dance partners, dressed in black, lead the girls around the floor, but not in the traditional manner. For some numbers, the tiny dancers sit in the laps of their female collaborators, who, in turn, sit on benches or rolling stools as they gently guide the children through synchronized moves, curving their arms into graceful arcs, helping their legs to kick and their torsos to shimmy.

via Ballet brings joy, aid to the disabled.

This is a wonderful program in New Jersey! Let us know of others so we can share with members of our community. My daughter did a similar program of ballet and she so enjoyed saying she was in dance class!

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