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Elimination of school seclusion rooms supported at hearing

In the state of Georgia:

Don and Tina King may finally see something positive come from their son’s death.

Jonathan King was 13 when he hanged himself inside a “seclusion room” at a Gainesville school for special needs children in 2004.

The unfurnished, 8-foot-by-8-foot room at the Alpine Psychoeducational Program was used for handling unruly children. The Kings continue to say they never saw the room until his death and that school officials didn’t tell them how often or for how long he was placed in the room.

On Wednesday, the state Board of Education held a public hearing on a proposal to change seclusion and restraint for all students in Georgia public schools. The proposal prohibits the use of seclusion and largely limits the use of restraint, except in cases in which students are a danger to themselves. Physical restraint cannot be used as a form of discipline or punishment.

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